About us

The business is focused on delivering high-end salon quality services and products, without the high-end attitude… just good natured, knowledgeable professionals performing the services they love.

We aim to be India’s “one-stop-beauty-shop” by offering a full menu of hair, nail. eyelash, skin, and waxing services while having our most trusted products available for our clients to purchase.

We at Oscar spa n salon have efficient and experienced staff to serve with techniques and treatment better for you as our staff is certified from Orane .

What makes Sparks stand out from the crowd is the positive atmosphere the On family has created for their team members to thrive in. Sparks promotes an environment that encourages teamwork and empowers it’s employees. In our salon, the only competition you’ll find is when we are trying to beat our own personal bests. We are more than just co-workers, at Trend Make-up Studio, we’re partners and friends!

While internal beauty will always reign supreme, we wholeheartedly believe that when people look better on the outside, they feel better on the inside. If we can improve your quality of life through the services we provide, then we have completed our mission.

Although we have different branches at different location in two districts of Punjab, but we started our business in 18 September 2017 and since we are serving our clients with rich and healthy services.

You take care of the inner beauty…leave the rest to us.


Mr. Gurwinder Singh